CMOS/CCD Sensor Cleaning

Are you seeing spots, halos, or other debris in your pictures? Tired of Photoshopping them out?  Then it is time to have your sensor cleaned. 

Some people do clean their own sensors with one of the many sensor cleaning products available.  However, some of these product are not very effective and can make the problem worse.  Other products do work well, but if not used properly can actually damage the low pass filter covering the sensor, or allow the cleaning solution to leak in-between the filter and sensor.

When this kind of damage occurs it can mean anything from a more extensive professional cleaning to having to replace the low pass filter, or in extreme cases replacement of the entire sensor assembly. If you decide to clean your own sensor we urge you to use extreme caution.  One slip can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Let our Experts clean your sensor for you.

At United Camera Repair, Inc. we offer complete CMOS/CCD Sensor cleaning services. Most cleanings can be completed the same day.  We clean both APS-C and Full size sensors. We use factory approved methods under magnification which usually provide a more intensive and safer cleaning then most Do It Yourself cleaning kits.  As part of a standard DSLR sensor cleaning we also clean the mirror box cavity to reduce the chances of dirt and debris redepositing on the sensor.

We also offer sensor cleaning of point and shoot model digital cameras, that do not have removable lenses. However, these require disassembly of the camera and usually take a little longer to complete then DSLR cleanings.